Water Proof Decking

Oregon is a beautiful state with lots of trees , waterways and greenery and of course all Oregonians love the great outdoors which is why outdoor living spaces are so popular these days.

Most homes, apartments and even businesses in Oregon have some type of outdoor living or gathering areas, such as decks , gazebos , porches,balconies and courtyards.

It just makes sense for property owners to maximize the usability and enjoyability of their property so that everyone can enjoy the fresh air and scenery that makes Oregon a special place to live and work.

Of course these outdoor living areas need to be well maintained or else they will suffer greatly from the effects of the wind, rain and moisture that comes with living in the Pacific Northwest.

Traditionally much of the water proofing techniques used for these spaces  involve stains , paints and other types of  liquid sealants that  need to be brushed,rolled or sprayed on ,and they all require frequent maintenance and refinishing.

With Duradek vinyl membrane products there is a uniform thickness when manufactured at the factory under controlled conditions which eliminates onsite contamination and surface inconsistency.

There are many advantages to using Duradek products to water proof your property so let  Mike Wallace at Northwest Building  Specialists  help you in determining the right solutions based on your budget and needs.

Call Mike Wallace and his team today at Northwest Building Specialists for a free estimate ,and let them guide you through the choices in water proofing solutions  for your home or business.